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The Village at Treelane, unlike other subdivisions, provides quite a good mix of urban living and nature. When Charles Builders developed the Village, the company actually designed the layout of the subdivision around the existing ancient trees, unlike other developers who just cut them down or uproot them and transfer them somewhere else. This is why when you look at the layout of the entire subdivision, you will notice that the arrangement of the houses comes with a somewhat organic feel. In addition, aside from preserving the existing trees, Charles Builders actually planted even more trees to provide residents with an exceptional natural feel.

Regarding village amenities, the Village provides everything that its residents might ever need from their community. For one thing, the Village has its own centralized deep-well water system, which provides residents a steady supply with a relatively strong pressure. All of the roads are paved with high-quality concrete. Underneath the roads is also an efficient drainage system that will divert rainwater away from the road and the houses.

The Village also provides ample recreational facilities for all people who live there. For instance, young kids will always have a place to play because there are several playgrounds located around the Village. For older kids and adults, there is an official-sized basketball court where friends can shoot some hoops. There are also some jogging paths and miniature parkways where you and your family can go on walks or just hang out when you want to go somewhere quiet to clear your mind.

Besides the basics, the Village also has its own clubhouse that any of the residents can rent out in case they need a place for parties and other social gatherings. It is also a place where the residents can just hang out and shoot the breeze; much like a central social hub for the Village.

You don’t have to worry about security at all when you live in the Village at Treelane because there are always guards posted at all the village entrances and exits. They also patrol the area regularly to make sure all the residents are safe. However, you don’t actually need to fret because the town of Imus actually has quite a low crime rate. In addition, you can find several police checkpoints and a police station just downtown. There is also a fire station right next to the police, and they are just minutes away from the Village so in case a fire does break out, the firefighters will be on the scene almost immediately.

Regarding transportation to and from the Village, there are 24-hour routes of tricycles and public utility jeepneys, so you will never have any trouble traveling at any time. If you take a short tricycle ride towards the national highway, you will find several bus stations that can take you to the nearby provinces or into Metro Manila. These buses also have a 24-hour schedule so you can get a ride anytime you want.

  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Centralized Water System
  • Concrete Roads
  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Underground Drainage System
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